How to Buy a Property


1. Contact Roxaco Land Corporation.

2. Our sales admin staff will assist you on your initial inquiry.

3. Give details of your requirements and contact information (Name, Address, E-mail, Contact Number).

4. Our sales admin staff will take note and forward your requirements to any of our authorized
sales agents.

5. Our authorized sales agent will contact you to give you more details on your inquiry and arrange for a site visit to orient you about the project, its amenities and the total contract price of the property you select.

6. Reserve the property you selected by paying Roxaco the required reservation fee and submission of the following documents which embodies the conditions of Roxaco with regards to the reservation fee and the conditions pertaining to the reservation:

For Both Individual and Corporate Buyers
Reservation Application
Lot Buyer’s Information Sheet

For Individual Buyers only
Valid ID with signature
Current Community Tax Certificate
If Single Proprietorship name is to appear in the sales contract, certificate of DTI Registration and Business Name

For Corporate Buyers only
Valid ID with signature (of the signatory/ies)
Community Tax Certificate (of the signatory/ies and purchasing entity)
Articles of Incorporation/Partnership, By-laws
Notarized Corp. Secretary’s Certificate or Managing Partner’s Certificate attesting to a board resolution
authorizing purchase of the property and designating signatories.

7. Upon reservation, you will be given a copy of the signed and approved reservation application.
After payment of the first monthly amortization, the contract to sell and deed of restrictions
will be signed, with the notarized copy given to you within a reasonable period of time.

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